Naturopathic/Nutritional/Herbal and Homeopathic consultations are intense and take time. Naturopathy generally treats people and not conditions.

ConsultsHeadaches as example can be caused by a multitude of causes like overindulgence, liver overload, structural problems, digestive issues, allergies, toxic exposure, tumours and many more. Naturopaths refer situations like structural problems or suspected growth to specialists in those fields and treat what is within our scope.

Naturopathy treats people individually, not diseases according to symptoms. We establish a treatment plan as result of every consultation to provide you with realistic expectations. For chronic problems as example the naturopathic experience is that each year of problem takes one month to re balance. If problems are caused by wrong foods an improvement will be seen after two weeks.

Our Charges

Initial consultation (60 minutes) $130

Initial consultations look into medical and dietary history, development of the complaint and may include a BIA analysis. There are instances where a BIA is not indicated like in a case of severe dehydration which would cause wrong readings. The consultation includes report with a written diet and lifestyle recommendations.

Extended initial consultation (90 minutes) $150

Some features of a disease presentation take longer to discuss. Often physical problems are caused by emotions; some very difficult and chronic problems need to be addressed, very complex food plans need to be worked out.

Repeat consultation (30 minutes) $60

Here we go through the presenting problems and the implemented changes and evaluate improvements. Based on the outcome the diet and lifestyle plan will be updated.

Private Health Fund rebates apply.